No Silver Bullet 4 PD in media

We have been talking about our activities on different media, spreading the word about the fact that there is so much more we can do to manage our condition than just take medication.

Interview in Parkinson's Life

“Parkinson’s disease is not a death sentence – it’s a wake-up call”.

Both Mark Limebear and Michel Planquart describe the “blunt’” and “brutal” delivery of their Parkinson’s diagnoses. They talk about how they responded to the challenges of the condition by launching No Silver Bullet 4 PD to empower others in the community.

YOPN Podcast

Helping others and making an impact on the lives of countless people

The inspiring story of Michel Planquart and Mark Limbear. These two men met through a shared experience of living with Parkinson's disease, and their friendship sparked an idea that would change the lives of people all over the world.


My routine helping me to slow down progression of my symptoms

Michel designed a rigorous routine of exercises, diet, meditation and other activities to help him manage his symptoms. He shared his routine on social media, including Health Unlocked, inspiring many people with Parkinson's.

The Charco Blog

His bespoke Parkinson’s- Mark’s story

Mark and Carolyn shared their story for a blog, The CUE1, a non-invasive, wearable medical device for people with Parkinson’s. Read more about their holistic approach to treating Parkinson’s and what else you can do to help yourself beyond taking medications.


Linkedin article

How I was robbed of my old life but given a new one

In this LinkedIn article, Michel shared his experience of receiving the news about his Parkinson's diagnosis and how it impacted his life. Michel's friends and colleagues supported him on his journey from a senior position in financial services to full time management of his symptoms.

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